About Jenny 

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Registered Nurse (Pediatric Specialty)

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Masters in Business Administration

In-Depth Sales Experience

Areas of Interest

Diet and Detoxification 

Gut Health

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My Journey


I grew up in Corvallis, OR, and moved to Portland, OR area when I was 18 to go to University of Portland, where I graduated with a nursing degree in 1998.  I have lived in the Portland area ever since!  I love all that the Northwest has to offer, from the ocean, to the forests to the mountains and even high desert.  I met my husband, Tim, in the MBA program at University of Portland in 2003.  We got married when we were about halfway through the program, and by the time we graduated, I was pregnant with our first child! 


My work experience ranges from Pediatric nursing at a hospital, as well as in pediatric clinics, to medical sales.  I am still practicing nursing at a local pediatric clinic.  I also was a Medical Sales Consultant for several years; in this experience I worked with all departments of hospitals to find good quality and safe product fits for their patient care.  Little did I know, these very different experiences would converge in the future!


After the birth of our second child, I started to experience health problems.  For more than 5 years, I had chronic pain and debilitating injuries that ranged from moderate tendon injuries to an almost complete inability to walk.  At one point, I could only walk one block, and used a wheelchair to go any further.  In addition, I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and later, three different GI infections.  Despite my medical training that was focused heavily on pharmaceutical treatment, somehow I knew that there was an answer for these problems beyond medications.  I believed there was a root cause to my problems. 


Although I felt hopeless at times, I relied on my faith in God and in my ability to research and understand health and science.  I healed my ulcerative colitis with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and to this day I maintain a modified paleo diet.  I have never had another ulcerative colitis flare again, since changing my diet!  Diet helped me tremendously, but did not solve my debilitating pain and injuries.  I persevered with the incredible support of my husband Tim, and eventually found a naturopath who discovered that I had heavy metal and chemical toxicity!  This came as quite a shock, since I had never been aware of any large or sudden exposure of toxins.   However, because of genetic defects in something called a “methylation cycle”, I was unable to rid my body of toxins that we are all exposed to on a regular basis.  My naturopath helped me with supplements and a detox program that has literally restored my health. 


Today, I am able to walk many miles, strength train, and even bike and ski.  I have regained my ability to enjoy the beautiful Northwest with Tim and our two beautiful children!  Each member of my sweet little family has benefited from what we learned from my difficult experience.  The lifestyle changes we have made, step by step, have empowered each of us, in our own unique way, to understand our own roles in preventing illness and in maintaining good health.  I am a huge proponent of continuing to seek medical care when needed, but I feel so much better equipped as a mother and wife to make care decisions for my family based on the ability I always had within me, and I strive to retrain others to use the gut instinct God gave them in caring for themselves and their families.  My dream is to help others, whether it be people who are in a hopeless place with their health, or people who simply want to live a cleaner and more radiant life. 


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