C l e a n  L i v i n g

Clean Living is a term that is thrown out there a lot, these days.  It may sound trendy, but really, Clean Living is a way of getting back to our roots, as much as possible.  In past decades, convenience and profit has taken precedence over our safety and the safety of our environment.  Clean Living takes into account our safety and environmental safety, and ensures that we are not unnecessarily exposed to harmful toxins.  

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I am a big believer of Clean Eating, as well.  This means eating organic, whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible.  It makes sense that the food that we put into our bodies can greatly affect our health.  But, did you know that what you put ON your body is equally as important?  Our skin absorbs much of what we put on our skin, directly into our bloodstream!  Yes, of course it works as a barrier, but it is inevitable that a fair amount gets absorbed.  

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So, When I think of Clean Living, I think of ditching products that contain harmful toxins that can cause cancer, overwhelm our liver, and alter our hormones.  

Now, we DO have an amazing detoxification system in our bodies, because we are GOING to be exposed to toxins throughout the course of our lives.  However, in the environment we live in, our toxin exposure far exceeds those of our ancestors. Our body's detoxification system can get overwhelmed.  


In fact, this issue is a big part of my health story!  My body became so overwhelmed with toxins that I had widespread autoimmunity and could hardly walk.  So, I choose to, and recommend to others, decrease exposure to harmful toxins where possible.  

It's important not to worry about this too much, as there is no way on earth that we can be perfect.  But, my choice to remove potentially harmful substances from our home has helped immensely in my journey back to health!  And, when it comes to good health, changing out household cleaners, personal care products, and beauty products is fun, and not difficult at all.  You can do it little by little; replacing items as they run out.  

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