Household and Personal Care

There are a number of different options out there for personal care and household items, and I have tested SO many of them. These are the ones that I keep coming back to!  

Looking for toxin-free make up?  Message me and I'll send you my favorite picks!    

Verage Skin Care Line

This simple, but effective, skin care line contains NO toxins.  If you check each ingredient on the EWG Skin Deep site, you will find they are all very safe.  

There are 4 steps:  Cleanser, Toner, Serum, and Moisturizer.  It is honestly the best skin care line I have used!  I have noticed clearer, more even skin that is amazingly hydrated.  It diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Best of all, the cost is very reasonable, especially if you buy all four of these products as a kit.  

Add the Verage Regimen to your order.  

On Guard Personal Care and Household Items

I searched high and low for, I'm not kidding, YEARS, to find safe and effective household items.  The common thread was that if it was toxin free, it often just wasn't as effective.  


When it comes to cleaning a toilet, well, uh, we need effective.  And then there are the laundry detergents.  They've GOT to work, otherwise you're wearing clothes that aren't really clean!  

I've done the experimenting for you, and have landed on these items!   Why?  Quite simply, On Guard is a powerful essential oil blend that studies have shown to be very effective against harmful pathogens.  The base of these products are completely toxin free, and provide added effectiveness.  

Try the Natural Solutions Kit to get a jump start on incorporating many of these items into your daily routing!  

Safe and Effective Supplements

Supplements are often a part of effective wellness programs.  It is difficult to get all of the nutrients we need these days, even in a very healthy diet, because food growing practices and soil quality have changed so much over the years.  

But, it is important to choose your supplements carefully.  The supplement industry is not well regulated, and often supplements provide synthetic versions of nutrients that are very difficult for the body to absorb.  In addition, you'll often find unwanted additives in lower quality supplements.  

doTERRA's supplements provide all nutrients in their most natural, or bioavailable, form, so that the body recognizes them and is able to utilize them properly.  Each of these supplements are designed to help you achieve optimal gut health and nutrition status.  

Try the Cleanse And Restore Kit to gain optimal nutrient status!  

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