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Take Hold of the Life You Always Wanted

Health is everything.  Without it, there is no life goal or dream that can be fully accomplished.  So, an radiant life and nest starts with good health, and my goal is to share easy steps that you can incorporate in your life to achieve and maintain good health! 


But what about financial health?  My health journey involved a massive debt spiral.  My ability to work was diminished, which only worsened the problem.  dōTERRA has provided a meaningful and powerful way to restore our financial health!  


The ability to be there for my family and also look forward to my work, every day, is such a gift!  My dōTERRA work doesn’t feel like work at all, but rather, a surprising way to fulfill my dream to empower and inspire others in building their own radiant nest.  

I absolutely love that dōTERRA is committed to offering the highest quality essential oils in the world!  And even more, it fills my heart knowing that this is a company that strives to make an impact in the world through its Co-Impact Sourcing initiative, as well as so many other ways they support people across the world through their Healing Hands Foundation.  What's more, not only is dōTERRA the top essential oil company in the world, they are also the fastest growing.  Finally, and dōTERRA is committed to maintaining the utmost of integrity in all of their practices.  Not only do I feel incredible about working for a company like this, but I am also confident that the earning potential is there for anyone who puts a bit of effort into it.  


If you are even a little bit inclined to join me on this beautiful dōTERRA journey, consider submitting some information about yourself to me.  This does not commit you, but will allow you to see if this opportunity could be right for you.  Rest assured I will NOT be sharing your information with any party. 


I want to emphasize that you do NOT need an RN degree or MBA to be successful in this business.  But, why not work with a leader who has these degrees and depth of experience in both the health care and business/sales field?  It can only serve to strengthen your business.  My promise to you is personal care and attention, as well as all the training you need to be successful!  

Please note:  If you are already a Wellness Advocate on another team, this opportunity is not for you.  

Jenny, RN, BSN, MBA

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